Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wings Wildlife Center, Tasmania

This is the very last posting of a visit to an Australian wildlife rescue center.
I promise.
Thanks for putting up with my love of animals.

Young kangaroo mother with baby in her pouch.

A caretaker removed the young kangaroo so we could observe him
outside the pouch,
He was very unstable and felt very uncomfortable outside the pouch.

A symbol of Australia, the KOALA.

Tasmanian Devils 

My absolute favorite, the WOMBAT.
I apologize for the fuzzy image. (No pun intended.)
We were allowed to pet him, which made my day.
Coarse fur.
Durable armor on his derriere protects him from fast-moving predators.

The WOMBAT who came home with me.


Cezar and Léia said...

dear Margaret,
Your pictures are great, thanks for sharing this lovely selection of critters portrait. I love Koalas, and it's a dream for me to see this adorable friend in person...I hope someday I can visit there, so wonderful country!
Hugs and a nice week to you!
Luna is sending purrs and love to you and Mandu.

Firefly said...

Australia has some very unique animals (we have better animals in Africa though *wink*) That's baby kangaroo seems to be all legs. Would also love to see the Tasmanian Devil and the wombat

Windows Plus Door said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. Watching animals is so entertaining..

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JM said...

As a wildlife lover I really enjoyed this post and I have never seen such a cool shot of a Wombat. Fantastic!

JM said...

... Even though it's not real! :-)))

animalsbirds said...