Sunday, June 23, 2013

Curious Currency Considerations -- SOUTH AMERICA

Each country in South America has it's own unique currency (with one exception).
I will be creating links, so that it will be easier to visualize. Please keep in mind that when I mention exchange rate, it is a one-time rate based upon the time I checked the rates. (They are in a constant state of fluctuation.) I am comparing the US Dollar to the local currency.

The first country we will be visiting by ship is PANAMA. 
Currency   BALBOA   USD1 = 0.98283 (approx)

Next is ECUADOR.  You will see references to the SUCRE, but this is an obsolete currency.
Currency   US DOLLAR    USD1 = 1

PERU     NUEVO SOL   USD1 = 2.68784

CHILE   PESO   USD1 = 513.498

ARGENTINA    PESO    USD1 = 5.34472

URUGUAY    PESO   USD1 = 20.1836

Many visitors on board cruise ships will elect to visit other countries on land tours afterwards. I will list other countries they might visit.

BRAZIL   REAL   USD1 = 2.13596

COLUMBIA   PESO   USD1 = 1,882

PARAGUAY    GUARANI   USD1 = 4,334.69


USD1 = .64643  (which, incidentally, is equal to the exchange rate of the British Pound Sterling) Many cruise ships include the Falklands Islands in their itinerary, depending on weather conditions.


These are the most visited countries in South America. 
To compare the rates of exchange with your country's currency, click HERE.

Next:  How did I solve the problem of these multiple currencies?


Joyful said...

I would like to know the answer to your question. Currency issues are always a challenge even when travelling in only two countries/continents that have different currencies. If you're only spending a short time in one place like when you're on a cruise ship stop, the need for the right currency is there but you don't generally need as much as when you're staying in one or two places for a long time. Are you using primarily American cash and getting change back in local currency? If you have another way, I'd love to hear it. Happy travels!!

Firefly said...

Hectic. That's why I took a cache card last time I travelled and drew money in each country