Saturday, June 29, 2013

San Blas Islands, Panama

Our ride is here!

Due to space considerations, I opted for the one with the orange roof.

One of the 378 San Blas Islands.

If the ship were not stopping at the San Blas Islands, I would not have taken the cruise.
Plain and simple.
I have a strong attraction to the people who live here and the work they do.

All of the ladies do excellent work, but this one is special.
Her work is exquisite.

I spent a lot of time talking to these ladies.
This reminded me of some of the villages in Orissa Province (India), where an entire village works on one kind of industry.

As you can see, the ladies wear their handiwork as well.
The item below is one of those items which had been worn by one of the ladies.
I think that gives it extra charm.

The more colors used increases the value, due to the difficulty in making the item.

I enjoy working on applique as well.
(Two of my Baltimore Applique quilts.)


Cezar and Léia said...

The quilts are wonderful, I love the lines and colors!
Very interesting to see your pictures and know more about Panama, the color of the water is beautiful and you got adorable images!

Joyful said...

The women do exquisite work! No wonder you can appreciate these textiles because your quilts are also wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.

Margsret said...

To clarify--
This cruise was taken in October/November of last year (but my heart is still in Patagonia).

Carole said...

Margaret, lovely colours. Thank you for commenting on my Avarua post - the fish isn't really raw - it's cooked as a result of the lemon juice even though no heat is applied. I don't mind raw fish like in sashimi though. Cheers

magiceye said...

Very pretty, bright and beautiful!!

Firefly said...

I would have bought some of those as well. They are beautiful and its always great to buy local craft like that

JM said...

Now I envy you, Margaret! :-) San Blas is what I most wanted to visit in Panama. Fantastic photos, great post.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I would have opted for the orange roofed boat for sure :)The quilt work is unbelievable..your own two are amazing, so much patience. How long would it take to 'create' one of these Margaret?

Margaret said...

I want to thank everyone who said such nice things about my quilts. Much appreciated.

Perth Daily Photo--It took 4 years to complete 2 quilts, because I was working on them at the same time.

JM--You wouldn't believe how many cruise ship passengers couldn't figure out why we had visited these islands. Very sad.

Firefly--I did buy a few things, but when you get home, you always wish you had bought more. (They also charge $1 for photos.)


Ercotravels said...

Wow, wonderful prettify skill! designing with perfect colors combination looking beautiful. Good work of the ladies.
Nice post.

magda said...

My dear friend Margaret
Sorry I'm late, the computer to irritate my eyes and I try to be away.
What great pictures, excellent craftwork, beautiful colors and patterns!
I love your quilts in Baltimore.
We are all well and I wish the same for your own family.
I send you my love and lots of kisses

JM said...

Margaret, I believe its a blessing that many people don't want to go there. Keeping San Blas unspoiled might be great.