Saturday, June 22, 2013

Curious Currency Considerations-- EUROPE (the south)

When sailing from Miami to Europe, let's assume one first lands at LISBON (Portugal), then continues on to CADIZ (Spain), then BARCELONA (Spain), possibly somewhere in France, finally arriving in Civitavecchia (Italy).

The currency for each of those countries is the EURO. So, to prepare for such a trip, I would ask my local AAA shop to order me some EUROS (with as many small bills as possible).  A day or two later, the Euros would arrive, and I would be thrilled with the number of small bills I had requested.

Next: BUT, things get complicated when you cruise to South America. OR, do they?

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JM said...

I once visited Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador on the same trip. Definitely not as easy as on the Eurozone, but it was no big deal anyway! :-)