Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lerwick and Beyond

Mostly pedestrian walkway.
Occasional cars.

How this photo shop was able to get this developed before we got into town is a mystery to me!

 Leaving town to explore the countryside.

Connecting the islands--one-way bridges.
The people of the Shetland Islands are very patient. 
It is often necessary to pull over and wait for oncoming vehicles, since many of the roads are one-way.

If you haven't noticed, I have added a Lerwick Web Cam under the Video and Web Cam side bar. It is very visitor oriented, with music and occasional helpful hints, depending on the time of day.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shetland Islands, First Impressions

I was very happy to visit the Shetland Islands. I had always thought these were "just"  island extensions of Scotland. I do know that to visit the Shetland Islands one has to either take a ferry or fly from Aberdeen, Scotland...or arrive by larger cruise ship as part of a longer itinerary (such as the Ocean Princess).  After speaking to a large number of locals, I quickly learned that they prefer to be considered Shetland Islanders, and not Scots. Many of them are proud islanders, have never lived elsewhere, and have no plans to leave.

When one arrives by cruise ship anywhere, there is always concern about transportation into town from the port area. Lerwick  (Shetland Islands) is very accommodating for cruise line guests. As I left the ship to go into town, I was told a complimentary bus would take us into town. A member of the Lerwick tourism was waiting to welcome us at the end of the pier, handed us brochures of the area, and happily answered any and all questions. Soon the bus arrived, and we were on our way into town.

(Map above, from  Thomas Harold Grimshaw web page)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Time to Leave Akureyri, Along the Eyjafjordur

When you see the pilot boat, it is a sure sign you'll soon be on your way!

The Eyjafjordur is one of my favorites. There are some very nice farms and small villages along the fjord, with a promise of Akureyri at the mouth of the fjord.

This view is a favorite of mine.

The sun came out to highlight this special farm.

And we disappeared into the fog. 

I missed seeing my dear quilting friend, Ragnheidur, this time. Since our last visit together, sadly she passed on  much too young.