Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lerwick and Beyond

Mostly pedestrian walkway.
Occasional cars.

How this photo shop was able to get this developed before we got into town is a mystery to me!

 Leaving town to explore the countryside.

Connecting the islands--one-way bridges.
The people of the Shetland Islands are very patient. 
It is often necessary to pull over and wait for oncoming vehicles, since many of the roads are one-way.

If you haven't noticed, I have added a Lerwick Web Cam under the Video and Web Cam side bar. It is very visitor oriented, with music and occasional helpful hints, depending on the time of day.


CARLOS said...

Must report, a very quiet place to live by what I see, I like the sea. A greeting and thanks.

magiceye said...

thank you for the wonderful virtual tour!

Firefly said...

What an interesting place with architecture and countryside so different from what we have down here in SOuth Africa. As for the photo of the boat, perhaps they have photos of all the boats that stop by and put it out as they come in.

Cezar and Léia said...

Wonderful set of pictures, it's so nice to visit there with your beautiful compositions!I love the first picture!
purrs and love
Luna and mommy Léia

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What an idyllic setting with rolling hills and a beautiful harbor. I love the photo with the red boathouse almost like a National Geographic shot! You have expanded my horizons with this post... merci!


Siddhartha Joshi said...

Looks like such a beautiful place...the sea as well as the lanes in the town...

Gattina said...

How interesting to read about these islands (I had to read the post below) Your pictures take me on a sightseeing tour of this place !

Gunn said...

One day i hope to see this.

Interesting and nice to read about your trip(s).
Also nice to have a big photo from my city as a heading for your blog.
I am honored ( hope that is the right english word.)
Anyway, keep up the very good work you do!:)

Greetings from Gunn. (In Stavanger)

magda said...

My beloved friend Margaret
I hope you are all well, by the explosions of volkano.
I am still impressed with the beauty of the islands!!
The pictures you are fantastic, as I am with you!!!!
Thank you very much for the wonderful tour!
Many greetings and kisses

JM said...

Awesome views! I especially like photos #5 and #7.

Y. Ikeda said...

Fantastic travelogue with stunning photos. I especially enjoy countryside photos! Just beautiful.