Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shetland Islands, First Impressions

I was very happy to visit the Shetland Islands. I had always thought these were "just"  island extensions of Scotland. I do know that to visit the Shetland Islands one has to either take a ferry or fly from Aberdeen, Scotland...or arrive by larger cruise ship as part of a longer itinerary (such as the Ocean Princess).  After speaking to a large number of locals, I quickly learned that they prefer to be considered Shetland Islanders, and not Scots. Many of them are proud islanders, have never lived elsewhere, and have no plans to leave.

When one arrives by cruise ship anywhere, there is always concern about transportation into town from the port area. Lerwick  (Shetland Islands) is very accommodating for cruise line guests. As I left the ship to go into town, I was told a complimentary bus would take us into town. A member of the Lerwick tourism was waiting to welcome us at the end of the pier, handed us brochures of the area, and happily answered any and all questions. Soon the bus arrived, and we were on our way into town.

(Map above, from  Thomas Harold Grimshaw web page)


Ashleigh said...

Very cool, Margaret! Thanks for sharing! You've given me another place to add on to my travel list! It is so interesting to see how people i the places we visit think of themselves...Shetland Islanders...noted!

Sailor said...

You got some fantastic pictures from Shetland Islands.

Paulo Rafael said...
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Paulo Rafael said...

Hello Margaret! Thanks for your visits. The major of Recife and his team are stupid. They never had a bicycle.

Firefly said...

It great to see a place embrace cruise ships like that. Obviously they know the value cruise ships bring to the area. I wish our local post would be as accommodating from their side, cause the rest of the tourism industry would be.

magda said...

My beloved friend Margaret
Wonterful photos, of beautiful homes, very clean place, so calm !!!
Nice idea to go, by cruise ship!
And the weather was very good!
I was glad to pass so nice!
I thank you for travel to the Shetland Islands!
A hug and many kisses

CARLOS said...

Interesting, do not know, a beautiful place and an extraordinary journey. Warm regards.

Cezar and Léia said...

Everything looks so clean and well organized there and your pictures are wonderful!

JM said...

The architecture is fantastic! I love the victorian houses in a row on the second shot.

Thank you very much for the congratulations, Margaret.