Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FLORIDA -- Fort Lauderdale

The ship sailed towards Florida.
All large ships are relegated to the shipping lanes quite a distance off-shore. It would be nice to take scenic photos of the beautiful coastline as one proceeds southward, but not even a telephoto lens is helpful.

The next big port was Fort Lauderdale. We had not planned to leave the ship in Fort Lauderdale, as we had been there before.

(file image)
A reminder of times past.
My husband had spent 20 years on submarines.

Approaching a major port.

Before the Captain had a chance to speak, we should have known that something was about to happen. (Notice the white house has shutters in place.)

.......and the yellow house.
...and the choppy waters in the causeway.

One of several beautiful waterfront homes.

The Captain announced that we would be spending very little time in Fort Lauderdale. He apologized that time on shore would be very limited, but he had to get the ship underway ASAP because of an incoming storm, the 19th of the season, named SANDY.

At that time the passengers were not aware of the potential seriousness of the storm.

We left expeditiously.

Goodbye, Fort Lauderdale.

(Yes.  We moved out of the storm's way. Below are some of the scenic homes along Boston waterfront after Sandy made her way to the Northeast. Are they not different from the earlier photos I took when we were leaving Boston?)

(file photo)

See additional Sandy storm images HERE.


Joyful said...

Yikes! Thank goodness you were able to avoid the storm. When I was in NYC recently we felt some of the effects of a tropical storm. Much of it's force had been reduced by the time it reached NYC but was enough to make the locals panic after the last big storm.

magiceye said...

Love all the captures and good to know you escaped Sandy fury

JM said...

Sandy?!?! OMG, glad you weren't aware of what was going on!

Margaret said...

I heard from the kitty-sitter when we were in Chile. (email) She picked up a few tree branches from our driveway in Connecticut, but no large trees fell on the house. There was no power for about a week, but my cat, Mandu, didn't seem to mind.

Firefly said...

A tropical storm hitting a coastal area like this causes lots of damage and heartache. I'm glad we don't get them down here by us.