Friday, July 16, 2010

On the Way to Qaqortoq

On the Way to Qaqortoq we had the opportunity to travel through the Prins Christian Sund. Many people on the westbound crossing had tried before to transit the sound and were unable, due to massive icebergs blocking the passage. The Danish government sent helicopters ahead of our ship to make sure there were no icebergs in our path. Greenland is 85% covered with permanent ice-cap, much of which is 2 miles deep. As we passed through Prins Christian Sund it was a clear day with plentiful icebergs. I was looking forward to the very small village on the south side of the sound. When we passed through here a few years ago on the Grand Princess, the villagers all came out to greet us on small boats. As we came to a complete stop, the boats came right up to our ship and shouted greetings. This time, the captain stopped our ship and turned it 360 degrees while the villagers remained on shore watching from a distance. It was impossible to communicate with them, but we waved, hoping they were watching with their binoculars.
(Photos will follow in August.)

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