Thursday, July 22, 2010


We have visited Halifax several times, so we decided to travel by tour bus to Peggy’s Cove. It was a perfect day, sunny, with temperatures in the mid 70's. "Thank goodness, you didn't come yesterday", the guide told us. "We had a horrible rain storm!" (The one they also had in New York!) There were at least 3 buses which were filled for this tour. Our tour guide was the best we have had so far on this cruise. He not only took us to Peggy’s Cove, but he also knew the best scenic routes to bring us back to a special lobster restaurant for our lobster lunch. Our motor coach was the only one there. The other motorcoaches had decided to pack everyone in at the restaurant at Peggy's Cove. Our restaurant had been in business for 8 generations. They really knew their lobsters! Only one lady had chicken, and she became ill watching everyone else devour their lobsters. (Moral: Don’t go on a tour offering Lobster, if you are concerned for the “poor” lobsters.)

The guide, who really enjoyed our company, decided to have the driver take us up to the Citadel on the way back to the ship even though it was not officially included on our trip. It brought back pleasant memories of the time we spent there with the 73rd Regiment. I did feel sorry for the driver. He was at the complete mercy of the guide after having driven all the way from New Brunswick to help him out. His day wasn’t finished. He still had to drive all the way to Sydney after he dropped us off (Cape Breton Island).

Photos to follow in August. (Next time, I'll bring the larger laptop!)

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