Friday, July 9, 2010

Faroe Islands, June 30, 2010

Proceeding, without photos for now. (I will add photos when I have access to my other laptop on August 1st or later.)

When you visit Torshavn (pronounced Tor-shawn by the locals)it makes good sense to bring a lightweight raincoat with you. The weather can change dramatically and quickly. We lucked out. I had forgotten the Faroe Islands rain gear, but the weather was quite decent. Last time we visited the island, we had seen the National Historic Museum and the town of Kirkjubour, home of the 12th Century St. Olaf's parish church, the ruins of the 13th Century St. Magnus Cathedral, and 10th Century farmhouse.

We traveled by motorcoach to the town of Vestmanna and boarded a boat to explore the western cliffs. The sea cliffs are riddled with sea grottoes and are home to hundreds of seabirds (puffins, kittiwakes, and stormy petrels. We saw most of the birds (except for the illusive puffin, my favorite). The boat was able to pass through some of the caves in the 1800 foot cliffs. We passed a small village which had been abandoned by the residents when the demands of living there became too great. I recalled many of the same types of villages still used by the hearty Norwegians along the rugged coast of Norway.

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