Thursday, July 22, 2010

NEW YORK CITY, Brooklyn Pier

This 36-day cruise was divided into two 18-day cruises by Ocean Princess. On the night before our arrival in New York, we were issued a new cruise card for the oncoming 18 days. All but 51 of the passengers on board were departing for home. Those who remained had the choice of 1) departing the ship for a few minutes with their passports in hand, go through an immigration process with customs, then re-embark the ship, or 2) depart the ship and spend the day visiting the Big Apple before boarding again in the afternoon. We chose to avoid the potentially rainy day in New York and spent just a few minutes off the ship in the Brooklyn Pier Terminal. There were about 8 of us who chose the first option.

The remainder of the returning passengers, showing an affinity for “Up/Down” buses, went into Manhattan for the day and rushed to sit in the upper level of said bus. Shortly thereafter, there was a tremendous downpour which lasted the entire day. Finding that the lower portion of the bus was filled to capacity, they chose to remain upstairs to view this popular city, and returned totally drenched to the skin.

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