Monday, January 14, 2013

Adelaide on a Good Friday

As we approached Adelaide SA (Southern Australia, not South Africa), the Aussies were all lamenting about the fact that it was Good Friday, a national holiday, and that nothing would be open for viewing.

There were rumors that the beloved Central Market would open because the revenue brought by a large cruise ship would benefit the city.

It was a very quiet day. Few people were on the streets. The Central Market remained closed. The fast-moving tour bus took us to Gleneig, a place of respite for residents of Adelaide when they want to get away from the downtown area.

The modern version of the historical GLENEIG TRAM runs the 10K from Adelaide, offering an easy way to escape the city. 

The ferris wheel in Gleneig was not running, because it was such a quiet day.

I might have been tempted to ride in one of these!

The following are photos of Adelaide taken from a fast-moving tour bus.
A lot of the architecture contains European elements.

Overview of the city where Colonel William Light decided to build Adelaide.

                                                    Here he is, pointing to the site.

Next:  Finally, some native animals.


Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour dear Margaret!
50th Wedding Anniversary in 2012, this is wonderful!Congratulations for you and your husband!
You both like adventures, 2013 waits for you! Adelaide is a place in my wish list, I want to visit there someday, thanks for these lovely pictures, the architecture is really beautiful!
Léia and little LUNA is sending purrs and love

magda said...

My dear friend Margaret
Very happy surprise!
A thank you very much. We are all well and little Magda is three months!
Thanks for your wishes! I wish to be with your husband, always happy!
HAPPY anniversary!!!!
I saw all the posts you, today. What a great trip with a cruise ship! Thirty days, unbelievable! I rejoiced! Nice photo, very nice places!
Sydney looks fantastic!
I wish you a happy, blessed and full travel years!
Many kisses and a warm hug

DeeBee L. said...

Best wishes for a happy and successful year 2013 Margaret!
This was a very interesting post.
Big Hugs too Dee x

CARLOS said...

Hi Margaret, beautiful journey through the city of Adelaide, I love to visit Australia someday, I wish you the best for this 2013. The photograph of the head, is not a dingo?. A hug.

Firefly said...

Such a beautiful place, I'm just surprised that something as public as the market or the rides would be closed on a public holiday where people would be getting out. Here in South Africa it surely would have been a busier day

JM said...

The architecture is wonderful. If I didn't know I would say it was Europe.