Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Albany, Australia (continued)

Northeast of Albany is a nice beach and recreational area called Collingwood Park.
There is a quiet beach, newer homes, and a lot of Araucaria heterophylla .

This native of Norfolk Island, located between Australia and New Zealand, is a favorite tree of mine.

Street in the center of Albany.

 Unlikely spot for a tall ship.

 A young man assisting me at the Sydney Airport, as I was leaving Australia, asked me what was my favorite place in Australia. I quickly answered, "Albany". He replied, "You were supposed to say Sydney!"


CARLOS said...

My dear Margaret, still delighting us with this great trip to Australia, but I know that I admire. My desire to have a happy Christmas to you and yours. A hug.

Eggs with toast said...

Great photos, beautiful sea and trees. Thanks for sharing.


Visit this link if you don't mind:

Cruises to Go

Thank you

JM said...

No wonder why Albany is your favourite place, it looks just wonderful!

Cezar and Léia said...

This place is spectacular, I hope I can visit there someday! Cezar lived in Brisbane when he was studying English in Australia. It was many years ago and he wants to come back to show some places for me.
Thanks for sharing your pictures!What a fabulous trip you had!

roughseasinthemed said...

Wow it looks gorgeous. My partner loved WA, and I'm sure he visited Albany (spent a lot of time in Fremantle), I'll ask him when he comes back in.

Firefly said...

We have a lot of Norfork pines around here so good to see where they come from. I'm sure most people tell that guy that their fav place was Sydney, so I can imagine his surprise

JM said...

I also love Norfolk Pine Trees. There was one at my parents yard and it grew so fast.