Monday, January 28, 2013

"You Can't Go to Melbourne Without Riding on Puffing Billy"

Two days after leaving Adelaide on Good Friday (Holiday), we arrived in Melbourne on Easter (another Holiday). A substantial number of Aussies who had boarded initially in Melbourne were leaving the ship. "Don't forget to ride Puffing Billy", was their last admonishment. The journey began in Belgrave.  The full train trip goes all the way to Gembrook (a 5 1/2 return journey). We rode as far as Menzies Creek.
PUFFING BILLY has an excellent website. I would recommend clicking on Puffing Billy (above) to check out the interesting videos and learn more about the history of this great little steam train.
Station in Belgrave



Lovely tree ferns along the route


Some rail enthusiasts (and photographers)  were disappointed by this unconventional display of legs,
(a tradition on the Puffing Billy).


We would have liked to continue to Gembrook, but the Yarro Valley Wineries were calling.




Joyful said...

Looks like you had quite an adventure. I've always loved travelling in Australia.

Firefly said...

Its so sad that so many of these old steam trains disappear all over the world. We have lost both the Apple Express and the Outenique Choo Tjoe in recent years here in South Africa which is really bad for the tourism industry.

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Margaret, the train is adorable, a kind of vintage station, so charming, an elegant ambiance there and the nature is magnificent!Thanks for sharing your pictures, you prepared a great article here!
*** and purrs from little LUNA ( she is just sleeping here by my side)

CARLOS said...

I love that train ride that gorgeous of course, that green is amazing. A hug and good riddance.

Mo said...

There's a couple of great steam train rides you can catch out of London. A lot of fun isn't it.