Friday, March 23, 2012

Birds, and Prince Albert

Walking around Sydney, it is possible to walk right up to a variety of birds.
Click here to see Australian bird images.


Prince Albert.

As we left Sydney, we made our way north to Airlie Beach. Torrential downpours were responsible for cancelling  planned excursions. 

Most of the passengers on board the Dawn Princess are Aussies.  They have informed us that this is the rainy season. The tours in Port Douglas have also been cancelled, due to roads being washed out.

Thank you for your comments. I must limit my visits to your blogs, due to very slow satellite response on the ship.

We are nearing Papua New Guinea. My cat, Mandu, has a huge blog following in this area!

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Berto Garcia said...

That mas nice I am charmed with images I order you a greeting from Canaries

CARLOS said...

From Child Australia is that country where I have always wanted to go for the first time, now that feeling watching your photos emerge again, beautiful pictures. Regards and good trip.

Ramblingon said...

I especially love that forst photo..

Firefly said...

For some reason I like statues. Its always important to remember people who made a contribution to an area.