Thursday, March 29, 2012

Airlie Beach and Port Douglas

Thanks, DeeBee, for letting me know about the photos not being visible.
I tried to add them after leaving Bali.
I have not deleted information on previous posting, just "photos".

 This marina caters to visitors wanting to visit the reefs, as well as local Port Douglas exploring.

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas.
All of the very nice resorts are along the beach.

Sheraton, beach property.

Dawn Princess, at anchor.

Warning signs.

Best swimming pool in Australia.
We saw 2 people using it!
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CARLOS said...

Beautiful photos, they want to run and get into that pool, but water. Greetings and good trip.

Firefly said...

Looks like absolute heaven. I love the sign. Looks like some type of giant octopus attacking the guy though.

DeeBee L. said...

That's it! Now i can see your photos Margaret!
It looks like a dream holiday and yes it is a fantastic pool! :)

Elisa said...

Beautiful series Margaret:)
Have a nice weekend
Elisa, Argentina

Ramblingon said...

My goodness. Glad I don't swim so I won't be jealous of that pool. :-)))

Carole said...

You make me want to visit Port Douglas again - except not during the box stinger season!

Jean Polo said...

Very beautiful photos! The catamaran is very awesome and huge! I would want to explore Port Douglas riding it. The place looks serene and peaceful. Sheraton Beach is nice. I want to spend my summer vacation in there. The swimming pool looks huge! Heard that there are grat diving sites in there. I can't wait to be there and dive! :)