Thursday, March 29, 2012

Airlie Beach and Port Douglas

Storms preceded our arrived in Airlie Beach and Port Douglas.
Roads were washed out, and tours were cancelled.
I met some Australians who were on their 3rd trip around Australia by ship. They told me that each time, the same thing happened. On both stops, the snorkeling trip to the reef was offered aboard a catamaran in rough seas. Since I stayed aboard ship in Airlie Beach, click on this link for internet images of this location. In Port Douglas, I traveled around the area.

Example of one of many boats in the extensive Port Douglas Marina. (Photo--added next posting)

Four Mile Beach
Nice resorts, such as the Sheraton and the Sea Temple lie along the beach.
(Photo--next posting)

Below, part of the Sheraton's housing and golf course.
(Photo--added next posting)

Looking from the beach to the sea, where the Dawn Princess was anchored.
(Photo added to next posting)

Word to the wise:
Hotel (resort) rates drop dramatically in March/April for the winter season.
The water cools enough where the "stingers" do not invade the beaches from May through November.
Note the bottle of vinegar which is used as a short-term remedy on the way to the hospital.
(See photo on next posting)

The resort, Sea Temple, has the Number 1 swimming pool in Australia, including it among the best of 5 swimming pools in the entire world.
(Photo added to next posting)


DeeBee L. said...

Margaret, just FYI I can't see your photos, i don't know if i am alone in this case?

Margaret said...

Thanks, DeeBee.
I have re-done the photos on the next posting.

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