Thursday, September 29, 2011

Remembering the Service of Submariners

Groton, Connecticut, is home to one of the largest submarine facilities in the world.  Groton and the surrounding area is home to large numbers of active duty and retired submariners.  This memorial is dedicated to all the American submariners who lost their lives in World War II.

National Submarine Memorial

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DeeBee L. said...

It's a very emotional sort of place and the latest research show that people are more and more visiting and paying tribute to all the soldiers who fought and died during WWII!

Firefly said...

These kind of memorials are very important to remind people of those who have given their lives for their country in the past. The Americans seem to be very good at putting up memorials like this. I wish we were as well.

Elisa said...

It´s nice to visit the memorials!
Thanks for sharing:)

magda said...

My dear friend Margaret
I'm coming back.
Very moving your dedication to those who gave their lives for their country!
I wish you good month with lots of travel!
Many kisses

Anonymous said...

Love the memorial. As always your pictures are great. I just bought me a nicer camera and Im gonna take some photograph classes too. I just hope Im half as good as you are. You and my daughter are really talented.