Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Civil War Reenactment, Chase Farm, Lincoln, Rhode Island

For over 25 years, I have helped with packing, driving, setup, take-down, and more for historical reenactments, related to Revolutionary War, French and Indian War, Civil War, and Roman Legion. I do not participate in the actual reenactment, since I am busy working on my applique pursuits while the reenactments are going on. (Original blog -- Applique on the Go.)

The following photos show some of the scenes in the Union camp (North) representing the Civil War during a recent reenactment in the state of Rhode Island.

A deceptively tranquil scene. Beyond the hill is the busy Union camp. (Notice the Union flag at the top of the hill, left center.)

The Confederates (South) are coming!

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Elisa said...

Vu seulement dans les films!
Merci pour partager.
Elisa, en Argentine

CARLOS said...

Margaret, the first thing to say that the photograph of the head is beautiful, idyllic place. The photos show us remind me that I've seen movies about the Civil War, I love this type of recreation. A beautiful post. Greetings.

DeeBee L. said...

I have never been to a reenactment and this year I have missed one in July and will miss Hastings as I won't be free over that week-end and I'm very upset that timing is always wrong for me!
You must a lot of fun helping out as most volunteers are so keen!

Ramblingon said...

LOVE reading this. I am interested in reenactments and know several folks who do those. I am of course, more the Confederate type as a Southern girl bred and born.

Firefly said...

I must be an wonderful experience to be involved in something like this or to attend and watch such a re-enactment. A time machine in itself.

JM said...

Margaret, can you imagine my surprise the second this page opens? Wonderful shot of the Lagoa, much better than mine! :-) And this is a very cool post.

Elisa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog:)
Have a nice day
Elisa, Argentina

Anonymous said...

I lopve reenactments. They have that ever year at Tannine Hill. The South and the North. Its a lot of fun to go and watch.

I've been trying to email you a question but it will not go through. I've got a little gift for Mandu and need your address. Stop by my blog and I believe my email is there. If not I can come back and give it to you.