Friday, September 9, 2011

Norwich, Connecticut

City Hall, Norwich.
One of my favorite buildings.
For a brief moment, the deluge from Tropical Storm Lee stopped,
the sun came out, and I captured this photo.

I want to thank everyone for their concerns during and after Hurricane Irene. After several days, we finally have our power back. With the combination of rain and wind, lots of trees and branches landed on electrical wires, causing extensive problems for the electrical supply companies throughout the Northeast. When there is no power, I cannot use my computer. Some trees and large branches fell in our woods, but they did no damage.

Damage to homes was mostly along the shoreline, due to wave action during high tides. Following Irene, Tropical Storm Lee inundated us with more rain (10 to 15 inches). Throughout the Northeast United States the rivers are filled to overflowing. We live on a hill, so there are no worries there.  Lee was followed by Hurricane Katia. She decided to stay at sea but created lots of rip currents along the entire Northeast coastline. Everyone is hoping the next few storms will head toward the state of Texas, to help with their drought and wildfires.

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Joyful said...

Very nice photo. Whew! so glad that you managed to weather through all the storms.

DeeBee L. said...

Welcome back Margaret!
I was convinced that you had no power after reading that it happens every time sadly
I didn't hear of the other 2 storms though!
Glad you are safe and back with us and start publishing again. Love the building and it seems quite an exercise to get a shot while there was a small ray of sun! well done! :)
Take care.
DeeBee xx

Sailor said...

Beautiful Picture. Gld to see that you are doing ok.

Cruise Pictures

JM said...

What a magnificent building! Glad to know everything is OK with you.

CARLOS said...

A beautiful picture and I'm glad to read that you are well and that despite the hurricane damage, you find yourself in perfect condition. Kind regards.

Firefly said...

Beautiful building indeed. I'm glad the storms didn't effect you that much but i'm sure there are people that have had it bad. Good luck to them.