Friday, August 26, 2011

Woodbury, Connecticut

Typical New England church.
Wood Construction
Bell Tower
Stone Walls

(Waiting for Hurricane Irene, due to arrive on Sunday.)


DeeBee L. said...

Irene is supposed to be quite nasty. take care of yourself Margaret.:)

Elisa said...

Take care, please!
Have a nice weekend :)

Admiral Hestorb said...

I'm glad I found your human blog finally. It was there and I had eyes only for Mandu.

I am deeply concerned for you and Mandu as well as some others in the CB. I had not realized that you and he are in Connecticut. I will be paying close attention to the path of Irene as it nears the NE.

Purrs and prayers from Admiral and from me.

DeeBee L. said...

Are still OK Margaret?? We keep reading these dreadful articles in the newspaper about Irene.
They say that the hurricane though has been demoted to category 1 but that still some districts of NY have been evacuated!
Keep us informed about how you're doing!
Take care DeeBee x

JM said...

So very white and lovely!

I've just heard Irene lost some strengh but, nevertheless, stay safe, Margaret.

Firefly said...

I hope you are handeling the storm okay. Been following on the internet. Great looking church. Bit unusual with the two rows of windows

Anonymous said...

Hope you made through the storm. My daughter Somer lives in N.Y. and they came through the storm O.K.
Hope you and Mandu are O.K.
Your friend,

DeeBee L. said...

Are you connected Margaret?? Let us know when situation is back to normal...Take care.

BERMAXO said...

Muy bonita esta iglesia te mando saludos desde Canarias