Monday, August 8, 2011

Thus Ends the 36-Day Roundtrip, Dover to Dover, on the Ocean Princess (2010)


(Land Side)


(Cliff Side)

Busy Port of Dover, England

Pilot Boat for Dover

(On to another adventure.....)
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DeeBee L. said...

Sorry haven't be able to visit for a while as i was away! Scrolled through your previous posts, nice photos and interesting places. Quite a trip!

Joyful said...

Very nice photos! A 36 day trip is quite the thing. Were you travelling every day or just to and fro and then visiting on the other side?

CARLOS said...

A beautiful trip and long, beautiful photos. Regards.

Elisa said...

How beautiful landscapes!
Have a nice day!

Firefly said...

Oh how I would love to do one of these long tour trips on a cruise ship. One day perhaps. All I know about Dover are the white cliffs.

RuneE said...

One thing I have missed in my life - The White Cliffs of Dover :-)
Not to mention the castle!

magiceye said...

that was wonderful!

Elisa said...

Thanks again for visiting my blog Margaret!
Have a nice day

JM said...

The white cliffs! Hope to see them someday.