Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Sunny Day in Bolungarvik

Bolungarvik Church. Approximately 80% of Icelanders belong to the National Church of Iceland (Lutheran).

When we visited, this young lady was performing for us. She was the premier performer in the national accordion contest we were told, but I have searched and cannot find her name. If anyone knows her name, please leave that information in the comments.

Church graveyard.

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Bolungarvik, near the end of the Westfjords. (It looks like a troll might have sat on the mountains behind the town.)

Driving in Iceland Video.

Hiking in Westfjords, Iceland. (Link)


Beatriz said...

that hills behind the beach so pretty!

magiceye said...

loved the 1st and the last pics the best!

DeeBee L. said...

Mankind looks so small in these terrific seceneries!
I love this little church standing near the gigantic cliff/mountain. It's simple, yet so powerful!
Great photos Margaret.

Caroline said...

So very different! Beautiful. I would love to hear the names pronounced!

CARLOS said...

You keep showing us Iceland, curious and adorable photo of the cemetery that first photo with the church, which I really love. Greetings.

Mo said...

Don't know your musician, but love the scenery

Peter said...

truly beautiful!

JM said...

Love the little white church against the green/greyish mountain background.