Thursday, February 17, 2011

Osvor Museum, Bolungarvik

Meet Johann. Dressed in skins from head to toe, he related tales of the Bolungarvik fishing fleet (in Icelandic). That is why Kristin was there (to translate).

This fishing boat is an exact replica of the boats used in the rough seas of the Westfjords.

Johann found the skins quite warm, but heavy. Ropes were tied in strategic places to enable his fishing mates to rescue him, should he fall overboard in the rough seas.

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Home, Sweet Home.

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The catch of the day, drying to preserve the food.


CARLOS said...

Curious, a very traditional way of fishing the old way. Excellent photos. Greetings.

DeeBee L. said...

You really have to admire the courage, ingenuity and faith in themselves that these previous geneartions of fishermen had. I think it's justice to have a museum retracing their life and work condition, it's a fantastic way of paying them tribute. very interesting post Margaret, thank you. DeeBee :D

Mo said...

A great series showing us the fisherman's day

magda said...

Aaa, what beautiful of the true and harsh life of the sea !!
Have a nice weekend

Elisa said...

I love your post and your description of the fisherman´s life too.
Have a nice weekend and thanks for visiting my travel blog
Elisa, from Argentina

JM said...

What a cute little house! Love both stone walls and grassy roof.

Steffe said...

Those where the days! Great to see how they dressed back then.