Sunday, February 6, 2011

Isafjordur, Iceland. First Views

ISAFJORDUR is in a protected inlet surrounded by steep mountains.

First views of town by ship.

Opposite the town--upper road, with airport landing strip by the seaway.

Departing Isafjordur to travel to Bolungarvik.

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Cemetery, on the Isafjardardjup ("Deep Ice Fjord")


magiceye said...

brilliant captures of fascinating scenes!!!

Irina said...

Amazing. And so beautiful. Still water small town near the hills.

magda said...

Your photos are amazing !!!
Im glad that to like the Greece !
You are allready ina my favorites blogs and i will follow you.
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I hope to help you.
Have a nice week !!

DeeBee L. said...

Margaret, this is another set of great photos. I am glad to see the airstrip from the sea as the mountain looks gigantic. Very impressive!DeeBee

CARLOS said...

I am surprised such as green landscapes fused with those colors in the mountains, I have a friend who was in Iceland and their photographs are as beautiful as yours, thank you for continue teaching. Greetings.