Monday, October 22, 2012

My Computer Was Broken in Transit

I apologize for not posting lately.
My computer was damaged beyond repair in a recent transit to the ship.
I am unable to post photos using the ship's computers.
I may post some written commentary as I travel, with photos to come later.


Carole said...

What a pain for you. I was traveling recently and just had my iPad which meant I could reply to comments but didn't work for posting. Luckily I had pre-scheduled enough to get by. Have a great week.

Firefly said...

I usually pre schedule my posts as well when I go away, but loosing one's computer like that is not nice. Good luck and enjoy the trip.

CARLOS said...

You do not have to apologize, these things happen and sometimes these devices are damaged. Have fun on your trip. And enjoy your photos. A hug.

Margaret said...

Very smooth sailing off the coast of Ecuador. The Ecuadorians are among the world's friendliest people!

Also enjoyed the Cuna Indians in the Panama Canal area. An applique lover's paradise!