Sunday, September 2, 2012

Old Travel Memories (1970)

(from web image file)

In 1970, we piled into our white 1963 VW Beetle and drove from San Diego, California,  to visit the Oregon coastline.
I was shocked when I stopped to buy gasoline near Tillamook and looked at their prices.
"Gas in San Diego is only 25 cents a gallon," I proudly boasted, when I saw his 27 cents a gallon price tag.
"Well, go back to San Diego, then!" he shouted. (I thought that was kind of rude.)
Things change, don't they?

Next, back to Western Australia and one of my favorite towns.


CARLOS said...

Curious anecdote, good trip and a hug.

Firefly said...

Wow, back in the days when fuel was still cheap

magda said...

My dear friend Margaret
I saw your beautiful pictures! Wonderful memories!
Sorry, who "lost".
We are all doing well. Danae (wife of my son) entered the eighth month of pregnancy, we are still at sea, swimming every day, because it has too hot.
I have no time for the Internet.
This year we had the hottest July for a hundred years.
I hope that you will return to get us internet, after October.
many kisses

Elisa said...

Thanks for passing during my travel Margaret!
So kind!
Nice weekend