Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Views of the Shetlands

Lesson in Shetland Islands language.

Typical one-way road with pull out to allow passing.

Golf course is on the right.

Enjoying the sport of fishing.

Country homes.

for "Firefly"--
Some Shetland Island trees!

Time to leave....


More Viking influence.

I was rather impressed with the Shetland Islands!


Firefly said...

A very interesting and different looking spot. Thanks for the trees. They do look like they are very few and far apart.

DeeBee L. said...

Not surprised Margaret that you were impressed with the islands, they have a touch of their own, i really love the drakkar-like fishing boat and the golf course by the sea on a very narrow band of land...better be a good player!DeeBee

CARLOS said...

This place gives me peace and beauty, the green sea, boats, houses to live, must be extremely beautiful sunrise there and live. Thank you for your beautiful story. Regards.

☆sapphire said...


I arrived here via DeeBee L.'s blog. What lovely Islands! I've never been there. Your photos are very beautiful and make me want to travel there. Thanks so much for sharing.

magda said...

My beloved dear friend Margaret,
I was thrilled by the islands!
What beautiful homes, excellent, cleanliness, all, I liked!
Glad for you, who spent so beautiful!
Many greetings and kisses