Sunday, June 19, 2011

Important Opportunity to Experience Hurtigruten

(from Wikipedia)
View portions of the voyage of the Hurtigruten ship, NordNorge, on her Norwegian coastal journey completed on Wednesday morning, June 22nd.

When you have the link in view, you can then view any portion of the cruise by clicking on the voyage map to the left of the link. (Service is spotty inside fjords--Geiranger fjord and Trollfjord.)

(Please note:  I am not on this ship at this time.  I just happen to love Hurtigruten and thought you might like to be on this virtual cruise! Click on "View portions....." to go to the link.) 


Irina said...

Norway? I have been to many countries, but no other was so sun in my heart as Norway. Waiting for your photos!

magda said...

My dear friend Margaret, hi
Sorry for being late, but in summer, come my children to our home, to swim and do not have enough time.
I saw throughout the reception of cruise ships and went crazy!
Fireworks, cancan dance, rock, the banners, what wonderful people!
Thank you for your virtual cruise!
many kisses