Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Qaqortoq, More Scenes

View across the harbor. The long, red building houses Great Greenland, one of the largest employers in Greenland. They specialize in fur goods made from seal skins and offer a wide variety of coats, jackets, slippers, mittens, and many other goods.

Backyard cannon. If anyone knows the history of this cannon, I wish he/she would leave a comment.

Friend, Vicki, and I headed to the balcony of the Hotel Qaqortoq to enjoy some fine desserts and coffee as we watched the largest iceberg float towards our ship (photos to follow).

We resisted the temptation to dine at the Arctic Cafe, which houses this fine car protruding from the wall.


RuneE said...

Maybe the cannon is just for answering the neighbour when he shoots off his mouth...

Savanah Geer said...

Margaret, I love looking at all your travel photos! Thanks so much for posting them! Love, Savanah :)