Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nanortalik, Greenland -- More Scenes

As the shuttles from ships arrive in the Nanortalik harbor, passengers discover that it is a short walk to the center of town. Immediately on the right is a tourist office window. A very pleasant local tourism person is there to give town information to visitors. Adjacent to this small office is a tourism gift shop (and toilets). This is a very popular shop. The tourism people posted a sign which said that for $5 USD one could go on a 20 minute tour around town. Most cruise passengers were bypassing this opportunity. I took the tour in a 7 passenger van (which was very well-conducted and lasted 40 minutes).

When we asked the guide how the children got to primary school, we were told that they arrive by helicopter and boat. These are the only means of accessing Nanortalik. When the students arrive, they remain for the entire school year, returning home after several months. They are housed, fed, and given their studies by local educators. Nearby is a hospital which is staffed by Danish doctors and local nurses. The needs of the townspeople are heavily subsidized by the Danish government.

Hotel Kap-Farvel is near both the hospital and school.

This is the town's recreation area.

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Residential area.


Caroline said...

What an amazing journey - every photo looks like a postcard. Beautiful.

JM said...

All houses and colours are so cool. Great landscape on top.

Eyrarbakki Times said...

Was recently reading a book about sailing to Greenland in the icebergs, in earlier years and the national culture. Nice to see these beautiful pictures in that context. Have a nice trip.

emilene said...

Your photographs are lovely Margaret!

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Lovely photos - this village looks much like Qaqortoq - I wonder why so few availed themselves of the 40min tour - you certainly got your moneysworth - more so than some of the cruise company operated tours.

Anonymous said...

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