Wednesday, November 10, 2010

St. Anthony, Newfoundland (Canada)

The port area of St. Anthony is very small, so the Ocean Princess needed to tender us in to the docking area. We finally caught up with the storm we had experienced in New York City. The winds had picked up, and as we tried to board the tenders extra time was needed, as the crew had to time the boarding of each passenger to a brief moment when the tender was closest to the walkway (and not 3 feet above or 3 feet below).

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St. Anthony photos were all taking during very blustery, rainy weather.


Cat said...

Yikes!! I would NOT want to have to be moving from one boat to another in THAT weather!! I'm always impressed by people who work on and with the sea...I love the sea and I admire it totally, but I prefer to keep my feet on dry, non-moving land!! Regards, Cat

Irina said...

I like so much this type of photos, with water drops all over the place. make so very watercolor effect. Great!