Sunday, November 21, 2010

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Moose, But Were Afraid to Ask

I understand that the Moose capital of the world is Newfoundland, according to our Viking guide, Dave. There are so many moose that they are a major food source for the natives. However, during hunting season, they all go stand on the perimeter of the UNESCO site where they are protected and laugh at the hunters. Because they are so prevalent, they are a major hazard to one's health (especially if they jump through your windshield as you are driving). The MOOSE ADVISORY site will give you all the information you need to understand and respect moose better.

To give you an idea about the size of the animal pictured at the top of this page, I will relate my personal moose story.

When I was driving the back roads of Stowe, Vermont, in a small truck, the road suddenly narrowed and I came to a stop so that I could proceed slowly in case another car was coming down the mountain. Immediately, a huge bull moose was at the side of the truck, so close that he was rubbing the driver's door. HAD my window been down, and HAD I been so inclined to extend my arm out of the window, palms up, I could have rubbed the underside of his belly. That is how big they get. As I reached for my camera, he quickly trotted off, and I missed my photo opportunity. They can move rather quickly, albeit ungainly.


Melanie Kuz said...

hey marg. I found your blog while looking for a silly picture game a bunch of NLer had started on Twitter couple years back and discovered you have a very lovely picture of my friend Dave. With much regret, I feel its fair to inform you that he has made the journey to Valhalla....

Margaret said...

Melanie, thanks for letting me know about Dave. He was a fantastic guide!