Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wonderful Dog from Santiago

Waiting at the bus stop, who should walk by, but a favorite of mine, a handsome Bulldog. So I hollered out, "Hola, Guapo!" and his person brought him over to meet me. (There were a lot of laughs from the others at the bus stop. I suppose they didn't think this guy was that handsome.)

This is a privileged fellow.  He has a person to look after him and a home with a comfy bed to return to at the end of his walk.

To understand better how the wonderful dogs of Santiago live, here is a blog post by Michael Turtle. The locals tell me that at least once a year, a number of vets check the dogs on the street, making sure they are healthy and have their vaccinations. I understand that a lot of apartment owners now have the provision whereby residents are allowed to "adopt" a dog for the weekend.

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Jonker Fourie said...

He is an handsom boy, isn't he?