Monday, May 19, 2014

Vineyards West of the Atacama

Traveling from La Serena to the Valle del Elqui, one sees beautiful mountain scenery and valleys which have been irrigated by La Laguna Dam, enabling productive vineyards to thrive. It was interesting to see what was being accomplished on this land so close to the very dry Atacama Desert. I had seen the vineyards which lie between Santiago and Valparaiso.  It was a nice surprise to see the vineyards in the north as well.

The mountains are quite arid.

The dam.

Elqui Valley winery

"When the roses are healthy, the grapes will also thrive."


Jonker Fourie said...

Its weird to see vineyards in such a dry place being used to the Winelands in South Africa being a wet area

Margaret said...

Firefly, I have visited your wineries, too. I loved touring that area of SA.

José Mendonça said...

The contrasting sceneries in Chile are amazing!