Thursday, March 20, 2014

Heading South to Northern Chile

At this point, I should remind my readers that this trip was taken in the fall of 2012 (as the Hurricane Sandy was heading up the east coast of the U.S.)
We were on Holland America's ship, Veendam, traveling from Boston to Buenos Aires. After we left Callao, the port city for Lima, Peru, we sailed south off the western coast of South America towards La Serena, Chile. This city lies to the west of the Atacama Desert. (Veendam,  now showing in the Header is docked at La Serena, Chile--not Lima.)

When one is traveling by ship along the coast of western South America, it is necessary to be well off the coast, and therefore, out of sight of land. It is for this reason that I will introduce you to a sampling of the towel zoo on board the Veendam. It was fascinating to see what new creatures would be waiting for us each evening as we returned from dinner.


Joyful said...

Cute creatures! I am always amazed at what they make and wonder at the time it must take to prepare these for every room.

Paulo Camacho said...

Hello Margaret, fantastic photos about fantastic ideas. I've been longing for itself.
Paulo Camacho
Madeira island