Thursday, August 15, 2013

Panama City, Panama

After we left the Panama Canal and entered into the Pacific Ocean, we headed south to Manta, Ecuador, passing Panama City.  We didn't have an opportunity to stop and visit (this time).

Click on photos for a much larger view!

This is the new Getty Museum!
Thanks, Jim O'Donnell for updating me!

I love the contrast--architecture and clouds.

Very intriguing!

Another favorite


Jim O'Donnell said...

The odd building you are wondering about is the new Getty Museum. I was there in january. Wonderful structure.

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for this information, Jim. It really looks very interesting!

JM said...

Fantastic skylines! And the Getty Museum is just amazing! Great photos, Margaret.

Firefly said...

Its not really a city you see much about in world travel media