Tuesday, June 19, 2012

South to Fremantle

After we left Indonesia, we cruised south along the western shore of Australia. Many of us had wished we could have seen the more remote areas of northwestern Australia, but from a sightseeing standpoint, the larger cities had much more to offer. As we progressed southward, the weather cooled off dramatically. and the winds became much stronger. 

Fremantle, the port city of Perth,  has a very interesting history. Be sure to click on "Fremantle" to read more. Let's start with the first impressions of Fremantle. The train to Perth is the first thing you see after departing from the ship. This is one of the most popular ways of traveling between the two cities.

Rail Station, Fremantle

When one sees this sign advertising "Dingo Flour" it really feels like Australia. By the way, there will be more photos of the Dingo later on.  Much to the dismay of local Australians, I really liked the Dingo.


Firefly said...

Working in tourism I know all about the choices people make. Its always a challange for smaller places to compete with the bigger well know places that have iconic attractions. Yes, I'd like to see those but I would like to explore a bit more as well. See the lesser known yet equally beautiful and interesting places too.

Margaret said...

In the 35 years I have been in the travel industry, I have sent one woman touring from Perth to Darwin. She remarked that the motorcoach traveled for many miles without seeing another vehicle (or other item of interest). In the middle of nowhere, the driver stopped the bus and advised his passengers that there was a flower in bloom off the road a ways. Everyone walked a few meters to see the flower.

When they returned, the driver had set up a wonderful tea for everyone to enjoy. There was a folding table, complete with tablecloth,folding chairs, tea in a fine teapot, a lot of proper teacups, and many different cookies to taste.

This was a tea she will never forget.

The trip had to be made before the rains washed out the roadways, so the open season is limited.


Lu-Gerda said...

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am glad you enjoy it.

I have been reading some of your older posts from 2010. I enjoyed the pictures of Dover Castle and Ireland. I hope I can go visit there again sometime soon.

Have a nice day, Lu-Gerda

JM said...

I've never been to Australia and I think it's the first time I see a Dingo sign. Cool!