Friday, November 11, 2011

Frog Bridge, Willimantic, Connecticut

There are two bridge approaches to Willimantic.
The one I usually take was blocked by a  sluggish freight train. 
So I turned around and went to the Frog Bridge, so designated because it has frogs on all 4 posts. What caused me to grab my camera was the cloud formation. Read more about the Willimantic frogs by clicking here.

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CARLOS said...

Beautiful cloud formation, a good photo, it was worth turning around. Greetings.

DeeBee L. said...

Like the name of that bridge...sounds good to a French frog! :)))

Anonymous said...

what a pretty photo.
I like that.

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Firefly said...

I went to have a look at the frog in the link. Very interesting and I imagine quite a conversation piece for visitors.

RuneE said...

Very special! Let us just hope that they don't all jump at the same time :-)

Elisa said...

Hi Margaret,
About your questions: the argentinian sight of the Iguazú falls is more beautiful indeed. I´m serious :)
I don´t think you need a visa to visit the brazilian side.
Elisa, Argentina

magda said...

My dear Margaret
Very touching story with the cry of the slain frogs: (
The picture of you, very nice!
many kisses

JM said...

Fantastic sky! It almost looks fake. :-)