Monday, April 11, 2011


Laufás is one of many Icelandic sod farm museums. It is really very cozy inside. 
Click here, if you wish to see locations of other


CARLOS said...

The houses emerge from the mountains or are part of it, it's great, unbelievable. A greeting.

JM said...

Those 'lawn' roofs and walls are amazing!

By the way, it's a car/pedestrian bridge I posted yesterday, restored in 2003, so it's safe! :-)

DeeBee L. said...

It looks like a doll house, so cozy!

magda said...

Your photos are wonterful Margaret !!!
I like so much the open farm museum !!!
Is so interesting !!!
And the last photo is ful of calm and piece !!!
Greetings and kisses