Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prins Christian Sund

I first went through this area on the Grand Princess in 2007. I love fjords anyway and have been in most of the Norwegian fjords. This one is very majestic, narrow (as fjords usually are), deep, fascinating, etc. But, the really big surprise for us was when we rounded a curve in the fjord and found a whole host of friendly Greenlanders waiting for us in their smallboats. The Grand Princess sounded it's massive horn, slowed down, and came to a complete stop. The smallboats completely circled the big ship, and the occupants shouted greetings of welcome to us. It was a most wonderful several minutes. Then the horn sounded again, and the boats scurried away, back to the small village. The population of the village, Aappilattoq, has been dwindling over the years. I believe the latest count is approximately 132, and most of them were there to greet us. Now, when we enter Prins Christian Sund, I eagerly anticipate arriving at Aappilattoq.(**) (Click on the map to increase the size.)

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